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Our Work

Our inspiration comes from our continuous amazement of our world, and our work flows from experiencing the power of our shared connections.

The Big Question

AWI is the only organization solely focused on understanding the complex topic of animal wellness and leading the change to bring a more enlightened welfare state. Here at AWI, we’re looking to solve the big issue confronting welfare professionals today:  How do we increase and support the health and well-being of those animals under human care or those living alongside human cultures so they can live longer, more fulfilling lives? We believe the answer lies in Wellness.

Animal Wellness

is the Answer

By approaching animals through a wellness perspective, we gain a richer story and deeper understanding of their lives. By learning a new approach, key insights can guide daily decisions and interactions that result in a higher quality of life for the animals, as well as those caring for them.

What We Do

Everything we do at AWI is focused on advancing wellness approaches so every animal can live a life based upon their own goals and needs. As such, we focus our energies on three main pathways. First, we actively conduct ground-breaking research in how wellness can better prevent, identify, assess, and track life factors at both the individual and group level. Second, we share our knowledge to inspire innovation and change in the healthcare and welfare sectors. Third, we offer tailored, experiential training to organizations and professionals to provide a first-hand appreciation of the power of wellness.

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