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Our first goal is to develop the kind of expansive evidence necessary to create meaningful and long-lasting change. To do so, we conduct projects were global scientific collaboration is infused with local community participation, in order to provide relevant results that drive new strategies.  We believe that by gaining a more robust understanding of what wellness is and how to support it within a variety of species and settings, we’re also making an investment in finding ways to support those who care for them and the environment.


Likewise, recent trends in welfare management have shifted towards evidence-based decision making. To encourage further change in this direction, AWI offers our expertise to animal-based organizations looking to incorporate data driven methods, yet face barriers to the resources needed to do so. At AWI we offer individualized recommendations in how to establish data driven pathways into daily operations so decision makers can collect a variety of meaningful information streams. Additionally, if the organization is encountering larger strategic questions, our team can perform all aspects of a study so you’ll have the answers you need to move forward.

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