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We are a global community organization dedicated to exploring and improving wellness in animal cultures living amongst human societies.

Meet The Team


Angeline M. Siegel, M.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Angeline Siegel is the founder and president of AWI with over 30 years’ experience in human-animal wellness, which spans the academic, private and public sectors. Her work is a reflection of her natural connection with animals and a deep curiosity about our connectedness. In this vein, she started out as a veterinary technician before moving into research assistantships at the University of Pennsylvania's Behavior Medicine Clinic and at Temple University's Language Lab. Pulling together her knowledge and consulting skills, she advanced into key leadership positions for some of the nation’s largest animal shelters and farm sanctuaries.


More recently, she lead a study for San Diego Humane Society to identify the healthcare needs of pet families living in underserved communities, which lead to innovative and strategic recommendations for how the organization could meet those needs throughout San Diego county.


Angeline’s life has been devoted to addressing the need for progressive change in how people construct knowledge of animal persons, as well as finding new ways of respectfully living together. She holds a B.S. in cognitive psychology and was awarded the American Psychological Associations’ research award, a M.S. in mind-body medicine and a Ph.D. specializing in healthcare research that she brings to the field of Anthrozoology.  Dr. Siegel lives in the coastal redwoods of the Bay Area, and shares her home with her husband and two adopted Saint Bernards. 


Sharon Carey-Stronck, J.D.

Sharon Carey-Stronck is an attorney in El Dorado county and has previously held roles within the Office of County Counsel for Santa Cruz.  She has been practicing law for 25 years with an emphasis on social justice, municipal law and conflict resolution.  Sharon's goal is to support AWI's mission, utilizing her experience in facilitating agreements between organizations and entities to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.  She holds a B.A. from UCSD and a J.D. from Santa Clara University. Sharon enjoys living with her husband, two youngest children, and cats Luna and Buddy, along the beautiful South Fork of the American River. 


Anne Johnson, M.Ed.

Anne Johnson is a Senior Consultant and Vice President at Aspen Leadership Group. She has 25 years of higher education and non-profit fundraising experience. She has managed a diverse portfolio of more than 130 executive-level searches and placed leaders at the country’s prominent medical foundations, scientific institutes, Ivy League and research universities, liberal arts colleges, symphony orchestras, ballet and opera companies, and art museums. Most recently, Anne served as chief development officer of the San Francisco Symphony, where she held responsibilities of both the senior management role and leadership of the Symphony’s contributed revenue division, while also working closely with the 80-member Board of Governors. Her leadership in fundraising has resulted in multiple CASE awards including the 2008 National Circle of Excellence Award. She serves on several governing boards in support of her passions for the visual and performing arts, as well as regional and national animal welfare efforts. Anne holds a M.Ed. degree in Education and a B.A. in French with studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris.


Angelina Renteria, M.A.e

Angelina Renteria (Navajo), is the Chief Operations Officer at Indian Health Council, Inc. Angelina has been an activist for indigenous wellness practices for over two decades. Her personal and professional lives have been dedicated to ensuring awareness and education of balanced mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness practices that are shared throughout Indian Country. She holds a B.S. and M.A. degrees in Kinesiology and Physical Education from Cal State University Long Beach, and was awarded the Women in Wellness Graduate Scholarship. Angelina is a proud boy mom, dog, cat, chicken and plant mom and hopes to someday be mom to many more four legged and feathered family members.

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